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Tensile Test | Elongation Test | Impact Test | Technological Bend Test | High Frequency Spark test Vacuum Test | Hydraulic pressure Test | Water Load / Leakage Test

Quality Management
As an innovative company, Anticor commits to transparent and consistent quality management. Anticor is certified to comply with the ISO 9001 quality standards. All processes are regularly audited and improved to comply with all quality-relevant criteria, therefore, our products enjoy a reputation of providing reliable service even after years of use under adverse conditions.

Testing and Certification
Our products are designed and developed to comply with nationally and internationally recognized standards. This includes both product-specific standards – such as ISO, DVS and BS standards – as well as application specific standards. For our client’s protection, test are carried out by accredited and independent test institutes as well as our in-house laboratory. The products are then certified and qualified to carry the conformity marking.

Testing Pickling Tanks
Testing Pickling Tanks manufacturer
Testing Pickling Tanks supplier
Testing Pickling Tanks export
Testing Acid Fume Extraction System4
Testing Zinc White fume Extraction System1
Testing Thermoplastics Chemical Storage Tank
Testing Thermoplastics Chemical Storage Tank supplier
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