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Acid Pickling, Degreasing, Electroplating, Anodizing

  • All components are made from high quality corrosion – resistant Thermoplastic material.
  • Scrubbing of Acid fume prevents the release of aggressive and harmful vapours into the environment.
  • Vapours & gases are absorbed in the scrubbing liquid & returned to the process.
  • The most important basis for calculation are the determination of the exhaust air volume and the pressure loss of the system. All the calculation are performed by software modules developed by Anticor.
  • Effective Scrubbing and guaranteed compliance with emission limits can only be achieved through an individually designed fume extraction plant optimized on the particular application.
  • Anticor Acid Fume Extraction Plant can be used not only in encapsulated pretreatment plant but also for lateral suction channels on pickling tanks.
  • Performance of Anticor Fume extraction Plant can be designed to meet specific high demanding emission regulations.
  • Anticor supplies maximum Achievable Control Technique (MACT) in compliance to emission regulatory agency requirements.
  • Pipe Pickling Plant
  • Wire Pickling Plant
  • Coil Pickling Plant
  • Electro  plating / Anodizing Plant
  • Metal Finishing Plants
  • Surface Treatment Plant
  • Stainless Steel Pickling Plant
  • Tunnel Wire Pickling Line
  • Safety to workers and staff
  • Protection to production equipments
  • Maintaining working area clean
  • Increased productivity
  • Hygienic working atmosphere
  • As per emission regulation
  • Reduced risk of accident
  • Better visibility in galvanizing shop
  • Prevention of unpleasant odours
  • Aggressive fume do not destroy building and roof
  • Operation without waste water
  • PH measuring facility
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